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Grandparents at school, a great idea!


Grandparents' Day at school

Many schools have a special day, special for grandparents, special for grandchildren. Why not planning a very  special day for grandparents and preschoolers in our kids school? A good porposal for next school meeting!

A special day to welcome grandparents, special adult friends or "adoptive" grandparents-for-the-day to visit the school for a morning of preschool exploration and play.

On Grandparents' Day, our guests would:

  • visit their grandchildren's cottages or classrooms and meet their teachers and classmates.
  • participate in a wide variety of activities both inside and outside the classroom.
  • check out the specialist activities and meet the teachers in music & movement and art.
  • enjoy a special picnic snack with the kids
  • wander through the art displays showcasing the children's work throughout the year.
  • leave with great memories and a special keepsake photograph of their grandchild.
  • participating in a wonderful-cake contest

Some grandparents live too far away to be able to join their grandchildren for this special event. If a child's grandparents are unable to attend, families might invite a special adult friend (aunt, nanny, etc.). Since parents are often on campus for other events throughout the year, regretfully, parents are not invited to attend this event in place of grandparents. All children will participate in the same activities during our Grandparents’Day visiting time, so please don't worry if no one can attend.