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Fine motor skills

fine motor skills

Often we dismiss the fine motor skills because we are so concerned about the students' ability to read and write but what we fail to recognize is that fine motor skills are necessary for both reading and writing. All of the brain research has shown us that as learners we need to be able to connect to our world through our senses and continually make more sense of it through strengthening and building upon neural pathways. This can only be done by using our bodies to connect to the world.

The information we receive from the outside our body is constantly helping these neural pathways to be more in number and strenght. The connection between the two hemispheres is a crucial determinat in our future development. Therefore, we must reexamine our lack of focus on fine motor development. Students need fine motor control for eye muscles to focus and distinguish letters, crossing midline, and tracking -- all essential skills for reading and writing. And beyond that, they need eye-hand control to develop good hand writing skills so that they can express themselves in written form.

There are creative, open-ended, appropriate and varied with ideas activities for practising motor skills through art, sensory play and simple manipulative games. Simple activities that help to develop fine motor skills can  be one of the most important ways we can help children either in the classroom or at home developing strong muscles in their fingers, hands and wrists.  Not only this kind of activities will help us to know the children better, they also can be of great use for them to grow stronger in other skills such as patience, perseverance, neatness and many others. The practice of co-ordination eye-hand  using simple materials and a little of imagination will also be a great point in value handmade products and the importance of concepts such as recycling and taking care of the environment. 

There are many websites full of great ideas which can help us have a good time at home with our kids, as well as helping them develop fine motror skills and virtues for life.